Our team has been performing solid R & D on the jargon of ‘Wearable Electronics’ for the past 4 years. With immense efforts we have been able to generate successive prototypes to remotely monitor ’Critical Health’ values of patients experiencing ‘Non-Communicable Diseases’ like Heart Attacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Asthma. We have initiated several other R & D projects along with our ‘Core’ research which will see the light of the day in the near future.

Research & Development

We perform solid R & D on ’Wearable Technologies’ as it has been our ‘Core’ are of expertise. We prefer to work with the latest technologies thereby enabling us to produce quality and efficient prototypes. There are several ongoing projects that are about to reach the industry in the future.

Web / Cloud App Development

Web Development has been another area of our expertise. Patient Tracking and Monitoring systems have been areas where we have specifically proven quality outputs. In addition to the ‘Core’ are we have built certain promising web / cloud solution to several clients

Mobile Applications

Every electronic R & D project is interfaced with a Mobile Application. We believe that ‘Wearable Technologies’ become more smarter when a ‘Mobile’ end is introduced to them. We expertise in the field of ‘Hardware Interfacing’ and we have been successful in giving rise to elegant ‘End User’ experiences as far as the Mobile Application end is concerned.

News & Events

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